Digital Platform Leader for Intelligent Enterprise
LOTTE INNOVATE has our own knowhow in SI field for more than 20 years.

Based on our accumulated experience, we will lead a new revolution in the CLOUD ecosystem.

Cloud Consulting
Establish a cloud adoption
strategy and roadmap
through systematic service
diagnosis and PoC.

Cloud Build / Migration
Provide the best cloud
experience with customized
strategies for each
customer's business.

Cloud Managed
Provides standardized
managed services with an
international quality
certification framework.

Supports a variety of
technical areas, including
Server / DBMS /
Middleware / Network areas.
Provide the best service based on

various know-how and professional qualifications.
Hybrid / Multi Cloud Adoption
AI & Machine Learning
Cloud Transformtion
Data & Analytics
Digital Customer Experience
Various Solutions
Provide customized solutions optimized for customer business.
Our Customers
Various industries in LOTTE Group are providing cloud services stably.